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Superyacht Summit Türkiye

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10 Kasım 2023 - 1:32

Superyacht Summit Türkiye


Turkey, the world’s second largest superyacht manufacturer, will be at Istanbul Çırağan Palace Kempinski on November 30, 2023.

The Heart of the World’s Superyacht Industry: SST23

Turkey continues to attract the world’s attention with its successful and advanced approach to the luxury yacht economy. The Super Yacht Summit (SST23) was held every year in Istanbul Çırağan Palace Kempinski, these magnificent sector examples and the light of growth are these days. SST23 is not only an event where yacht enthusiasts and members meet, but also a platform that brings together the leading players of the superyacht industry.

Turkey’s Success in the Yacht Industry

Among the key questions addressed at SST23 is how Turkey became such a major player in yacht manufacturing. The impact of Turkey’s growth in this sector is the value taken into account. This summit unravels the mystery behind this success and provides an opportunity to explore the motivation behind the decision to build such large yachts.

Discover Industry Trends

At SST23, leading members of the industry come together to discuss the latest trends and topics. Mattress flexibilities, design trends, portfolios, sustainability and many more are among the important topics discussed at the summit. This allows them to access the most up-to-date information in the industry and gain insight into the future.

SST23 Speakers

SST23 welcomes industry leaders. Here are the activities of this year’s event:

Adviye Bergemann – Founder, AIDA Tours
Antonio Romano – Partner and Business Director, Hot Lab
Begüm Doğulu – CEO, Begüm Yachting
Berkay Yılmaz – Commercial Director, Bilgin Yachts
Craig Barnett – Sales and Marketing Director, Triton Submarines
David Mühür – Founder, Yachts for Sale
Güneş Aysun – President, TYBA
James Jaffa – Managing Partner, Jaffa & Co
Jeremy Roche – European Director, Denison Yachting
Jonny Horsfield – Owner and Design Director, H2 Yacht Design
Kıvanç Nart – General Manager, AKYAT
Malcolm Jakotin – Unlimited Captain
Murat Bekiroğlu – Yacht Owner and Chairman, Trio Deniz & YATED
Patrik von Sydow – CEO, Turkuaz Yachts
Sinan Özer – Owner, Aegean Yacht
SST23 Program

SST23 is recorded from two recordings, the morning and subsequent recordings. Here are some featured entries:

Morning Sessions

Turkish Yachting Environment and Owners’ Stories (YATED)
Global Perception and Dynamics (Denison Yachting)
Overview of Turkey’s Yacht Tourism (AIDA Tours)
HVO – Green Pass (Captain Malcolm)
Design Brief 80m Super Yacht LEONA (Bilgin & H2)
Expansion of Super Yachts in Turkey (AKYACHT)
Turkish Quality and Competitiveness (TURKUAZ YACHTS)
Afternoon Sessions

Sale of Super Yacht Sizzle (Yachts for Sale by David Seal)
Divers 101 (Triton Divers)
Legal Tales (Jaffa & Co)
Rental Rules (BEGÜM Yachting)
45 Years of Shipyard Stories (EGE YAT)
Yacht Branding Masterclass (Hot Lab)
Evolution of the “Blue Voyage” (TYBA)
Moderator: Lucie Gardiner

Financial journalist Lucie Gardiner, who will moderate SST23, will add color to the event with her years of experience in the superyacht industry and expertise in brand strategy. As former Barcelona radio presenter and global adventurer, Gardiner will ensure the successful containment of SST23.

Tickets and More

SST23 is ready to host yacht lovers and industry professionals from around the world. To opt out of this thrilling event, you can visit the official web system to get information about tickets.

SST23 is an opportunity not to be missed for the future of the yacht and for everyone who wants to witness Turkey’s power in this region.