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27 Şubat 2024 - 12:28


SELVECO: Innovative Solutions for Sea Enthusiasts

SELVECO is an Authorized Partner in Poland, offering famous motorboats and yachts from Italian and Spanish shipyards. It aims to provide its customers with the best quality marine experience by providing full pre-sales and after-sales service. It also offers a wide range of products with boats in open and cabin versions from 5 to 35 meters. The largest and most luxurious yachts with open or closed upper decks of the FLY type are also among the options.

Also specializing in RIB boats, SELVECO offers all RIB boats from renowned European shipyards in sizes ranging from 19 to 38 feet. With something for everyone, this wide range includes boats that provide exceptional comfort and safety on the water.

The foundations of SELVECO were born from his passion for the sea and boats. Since its founding, it has played an active role in promoting leisure and focused on providing innovative solutions to its customers. After the first contracts signed with suppliers, the company grew rapidly and became the representative of many manufacturers of motor boats, accessories and marine accessories worldwide.

SELVECO’s vision is to be recognized as an innovative company that offers the highest quality products and focuses on customer satisfaction. Innovation is one of the company’s core values and it aims to support customer satisfaction by offering new and quality products with the best materials.

Ensuring customer satisfaction and the highest quality of its products is one of SELVECO’s priorities. They constantly strive to help customers realize their dreams and provide the best marine experience. SELVECO believes that its continuous efforts to promote its products will be appreciated by its customers.

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