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Ocean Alexander

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24 Şubat 2024 - 15:22

Ocean Alexander

Ocean Alexander: A Legendary Name in Shipping

Ocean Alexander was founded in 1977 by Alex Chueh and has become a brand known in the marine industry for its steely durability and superior quality in engineering. From its first ships to today, Ocean Alexander continues to be a brand that sets the highest standards in the industry.

Managed by Alex Chueh’s son, Johnny Chueh, Ocean Alexander inherits his father’s legacy and continues to grow by adhering to engineering principles and continually introducing revolutionary ideas with astonishing beauty and luxury. Ocean Alexander has become a globally recognized brand by combining its Taiwanese roots with production in the USA.

Behind the success of Ocean Alexander are strong collaborations with the world’s best architects and designers and the determination to never compromise on high engineering principles. Each ship is built with the perfect combination of excellent marine performance, durability and elegance.

Today, boats produced by Ocean Alexander sell for up to three times their original price, an indication of how high the quality and reputation of the brand is. Ocean Alexander remains a legendary name in the maritime world and represents maritime excellence for generations to come.

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