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Navigator Yachts

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24 Şubat 2024 - 14:33

Navigator Yachts

Navigator Yachts and Californian Yachts: Masters of the Sea

Navigator Yachts and Products Inc. is a leading manufacturer of luxury yachts. The Navigator Yachts and Californian Yachts brands are leading brands rooted in America and known for their classic designs. Skilled workmanship and quality materials form the DNA of this company and since 1988 it has produced more than 1000 high-quality and semi-custom yachts.

The first Californian Yachts models were launched in 1972 by Marshall Boat Company and Jule Marshall. The company’s outstanding achievement was the creation of legendary models such as the Californian 42 LRC. Unlike other companies, Californian Yachts is built in Orange County, California and demonstrates its quality by using mahogany instead of teak. These standards have increased the brand’s reputation in the industry over the years.

Navigator Yachts Inc. was founded in 1988 by Jule Marshall to produce pilot cabin yachts under the Navigator Yachts brand. Originally starting with a single 33-foot model, the company quickly grew into one of the largest production pilothouse motorboat manufacturers in the industry. In 2012 Navigator Yachts Inc. sold to Navigator Yachts and Products Inc. happened, but this change did not affect the excellence and outstanding reputation of the brands.

Why Should Navigator Yachts or Californian Yachts be Preferred?

Navigator and Californian Yachts are known for their commitment to providing experienced boaters with the finest handcrafted yachts. Navigator trademarks are distinguished by their impressive hull design, superior visibility of the wheelhouse and salon. Whether you are purchasing a new yacht, modifying an existing yacht or looking to sell, Navigator Yachts supports you every step of the way. Because we believe that a perfect relationship should last a lifetime.

Navigator and Californian Mission

“Our aim is to develop our product beyond the ever-increasing demands of our market. We always strive to offer the best and aim for excellence in the maritime world.”

Navigator Yachts and Californian Yachts have become symbols of quality, excellence and reliability in the maritime world. These brands are always committed to providing the highest level of service and aim to exceed their customers’ expectations.

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