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Mochi Craft

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15 Şubat 2024 - 7:08

Mochi Craft

Mochi Craft: An Iconic Italian Brand Identified with the Sea
Occupying a unique position in the maritime world, Mochi Craft stands out as part of the Ferretti Group, which combines Italian elegance and innovative technology. This brand was born from the desire to rediscover the special relationship with the sea and left its mark in the maritime world by combining retro elegance with modern trends.

Mochi Craft was founded in the early 1960s by Luciano Mochi Zamperoli and began operating in the port of Pesaro. The brand, which produces flybridge models especially for the Italian and German markets, was purchased by Ferretti Group in 2001 and entered a new era. Following Ferretti Group’s acquisition of Mochi Craft, the brand has returned to the market with a new yacht line called Dolphin, a modern take on the historic New England lobster boat.

In 2003, the Dolphin 51, the first model in Mochi Craft’s line of planning lobster boats, was born. This model is a reflection of the brand’s aim to combine history with modern technology and passion for design. Mochi Craft has built a fleet of planing motoryachts ranging from 44 to 74 feet in modern facilities equipped with the technological research of the Ferretti Group.

Mochi Craft is not only a brand in the maritime world, but also a symbol of a lifestyle identified with the sea. Mochi Craft boats, where Italian elegance and technology meet at the highest level, continue to offer unforgettable sea experiences to their owners.

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