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13 Şubat 2024 - 12:02


Feadship: In Pursuit of Excellence and Passion
Feadship doesn’t just build yachts; turns dreams into wood and steel. We don’t say “yes” or “maybe” when we mean “no.” Feadship accepts with honesty the things we cannot and will not do. Because Feadship builds yachts not just to meet a budget, but to meet a real desire. He doesn’t make promises, Feadship does. The best superyachts in the world.

Origins of Feadship
Feadship is an abbreviation for Dutch Shipbuilders’ First Export Association. It was founded in 1949 when Six Yars and De Voogt Naval Architects agreed to introduce their high-quality products to the American market. Today there are three parties in Feadship: Royal Van Lent Shipyard, Koninklijke De Vries Scheepsbouw and De Voogt Naval Architects. Each has its own history, corporate discipline and professionals.

The Quest for Perfection
Feadship is a brand that is far from ordinary and aims for perfection. “Good enough” is never enough. Feadship delivers unrivaled quality throughout the lifecycle. The “My Feadship” program preserves the essence of a Feadship for life.

Making the Impossible Possible
Feadship doesn’t just build yachts, it makes the impossible possible. “We set the standard by always rejecting the standard.” The word impossible forces us to go beyond what we know. That’s why Feadship is different from others.

Innovation and Design
Each Feadship is an innovation in itself. It constantly redefines the perception of perfection and makes it better every time. Feadships are the products of an evolutionary philosophy of R&D and overall quality improvement.

Feadship Family
The Feadship family consists of Royal Van Lent Shipyards, De Vries Group and De Voogt Naval Architects. Each has its own disciplines and professionals. Feadship is a family of passionate and determined people who share the same vision deep down.

Feadship doesn’t just build a yacht, it makes dreams come true. Passion, excellence and innovation are the foundation of Feadship. Therefore, a Feadship is not just a yacht, it is a lifestyle.

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