Dehler Yachts

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11 Şubat 2024 - 18:11

Dehler Yachts

Dehler Yachts: Offers the Excitement and Comfort of Sailing Together

Dehler Yachts is designed to perfectly combine sailing performance, excitement and cruising ability. You no longer have to choose between a performance boat and a comfortable cruiser – the Dehler series delivers everywhere. Dehler Yachts are true performance cruisers and each boat in the series is designed to remind you why they sail, combining responsiveness, looks and more. Finally, you can get comfortable on one of the most luxurious performance production yachts on the water.

Dehler Yachts are manufactured in Germany and managed by HansGroup. HansGroup grew from a small shipyard to the world’s second largest sailboat manufacturer in the 1990s. The Dehler range includes an impressive selection of sizes from 30ft to 46ft and is always focused on true German quality and science.

Inspiration Marine Group is known as one of the UK’s largest new boat dealers. Representing the world’s best boat brands, including Dehler Yachts, this group continues to welcome all participants of its registrations with its wide range of sailing and motor boats. Customer service will be of great importance to ensure you experience the full potential of your time on the water.

The network of offices across the UK aims to assist greatly and well with the purchasing process of purchasing a new yacht by increasing Inspiration Marine’s ability to provide service and support locally and globally. Our team offers professional guidance on selecting and purchasing an appropriate sized, fully marine boat with a general marine system.

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