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Cranchi Yachts  

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10 Şubat 2024 - 21:21

Cranchi Yachts  

Cranchi Yachts: 150 Years of Iconic Design and Innovation
Cranchi Yachts has distinguished itself in iconic design, innovation and yacht manufacturing in the marine industry for over 150 years. The origins of the company begin when Giovanni Cranchi opened his first workshop on the shores of Lake Como. Since then, Cranchi has embarked on a successful journey that has continually left its mark on the maritime world.

.History and Development
The official history of Cranchi begins with the registration of the company, making it a player with a long history in the industry.
For two generations, the shipyard began mass production of wooden ships and operated in Brienno.
The representation of Tullio Monzino is the result of the partnership with Aldo CRANCHI, which emphasizes the company’s family tradition spanning generations.
Cranchi establishes a large facility in Piantedo in order to increase production capacity and adopt innovative production processes.
The new facilities allow continued innovations in design, material selection and manufacturing processes.
The Marine Testing Center is opened specifically for water trials in Friuli, which helps Cranchi constantly test its products, improving their quality and performance.
Progress and Modernization
The shipyard becomes a limited company, offering further growth and advancement opportunities.
Seventy facilities become operational and are used to build pleasure yachts with the highest level of automation in the world.
The new facilities’ assembly lines allow for mass production of yachts up to 78 feet long, increasing Cranchi’s production capacity and helping it target a broader market.
150th Anniversary and Cranchi Settantotto
Cranchi Yachts celebrates this extraordinary 150th anniversary with the presentation of its new flagship model, Cranchi Settantotto. This model brings together Cranchi’s heritage and innovative spirit and symbolizes the company’s future success.
Cranchi Yachts has played a leading role in the maritime world for more than 150 years and is determined to continue this tradition in the future.